Tropical Shakeology Frequently Asked Questions

March 7, 2012

Shakeology Formulator Darin Olien and Senior Health, Nutrition and Fitness Consultant Isabelle Daikeler  talk Shakeology, specifically the new Tropical Strawberry Vegan we have all been downing (and loving) the past few weeks.

Darin and Isabelle field some great questions and provided wonderful insight into the newest flavor of The Healthiest Meal of the Day:

  • On the back of the Tropical bag, the vitamins aren’t listed like they are on Greenberry and Chocolate. Why?  

Ideally, we want all of our vitamins and minerals to be present in the foods we eat. The only reason vitamin and mineral supplementation first showed up on the market is because our foods started to decline in quality. The subordination of nature is where we want to be, not thinking we can outsmart the earth. We are just now getting a greater supply of vitamins and minerals and that is what you are finding in the Tropical version. In short, the vitamins and minerals your body needs are present in the natural ingredients and assimilated easier that way. The levels will vary because we are leaving the foods in a pristine state. We are going back to the principles of relying completely on what you can find in nature.

  • Why are the probiotics in Tropical different? 

Probiotics means for life. It’s dealing with micro-organisms that are controlling the immune system, our metabolism, detoxification, and nutrient absorption. Due to new technology we now have a mother strain that is able to get through the small intestine, into the large intestine, and break out into different strains the body can utilize. That is what you find in the new Tropical Shakeology.

  • What does Vegan mean and why is Tropical Vegan? 

Vegan is no animal sources whatsoever – 100% plant-based. We continually evaluate which foods the body can best utilize and found plant proteins are easier assimilated than other protein sources.

  • How should you incorporate Shakeology into your daily life? 

Any way you can! No, but seriously, just get it in your body. Find out what works for you. It could be a snack or a meal – it’s whatever YOU WANT. Darin adds a coconut-almond milk blend to his Shakeology. Isabelle tosses in all kinds of Superfoods – moringa, alkalizer, mushrooms, lots of greens. (It doesn’t even taste like Tropical after she’s done with it).

  • Why does Soy Protein get a bad rep? 

The supply of soy is very dangerous. More than 95% of the soy in the world is genetically modified. There are some good versions of soy, however. Tempeh (fermented soy) is fantastic. Natural fermentation has been removed from our natural food chain. In the new Tropical formula we’ve added fermented foods and the benefits are tremendous.

  • What’s next? 

We’re going to add Moringa oleifera. It’s probably the most powerful Superfood we’ve ever come across. It’s an ugly tree with potent green leaves. Darin was able to meet some of the head researchers in Senegal and discovered Moringa has up to 60 antioxidants, 5x as much calcium as milk, and up to 20x the amount of Vitamin A found in tomatoes. We are constantly searching for the best possible ingredients. Also down the pipeline, for our customers who want the ultimate purity, assimilability in nutrition and freedom from toxicity, we are introducing exciting new products as part of our Beachbody Ultimate™ line. Any products bearing the Beachbody Ultimate™ logo are effective at nurturing the body’s natural ability to heal itself, while enhancing the body’s organic processes.

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