Shakeology and Fibromyalgia

March 4, 2012

One of the benefits of drinking Shakeology is that it lessens the effects of fibromyalgia.  Here is a post from Ric Terrell about his mom and Shakeology.  For months he tried to convince her to try it and finally did.

“Had to post this and share. My mom has diabetes so she has now been on Shakeology for a little over a month. She had to do her own research since mom knows best. I told her that some were having some success with it also helping fibromyalgia which she has also. Well she calls me today to ask if I have sent her a new bag yet, she has neglected taking it for a couple of days and now realizes it has been helping her fibromyalgia.  Honestly one of the best things I have heard.”

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